World’s 8 Most Extreme Hearing Animals

World’s 8 Most Extreme Hearing Animals

Humans are exclusive in the animal kingdom with characters and competences that are truly commendable. But let’s admit, not all of us are gifted with the super hearing power. Did you know that there are animals with better hearing than humans?

Check out below the 8 animals with the most extreme sense of hearing.

8. Most extreme hearing animals: Rat

A rat has a better range of hearing than cats. It ranges from 200 hertz up to 76 kilohertz, which is an ultrasound range because it is more than humans can hear.

7. Most extreme hearing animals: Owl

Owl’s hearing range is from 200 hertz up to 12 kilohertz. It is uniquely sensitive, with great eyesight and head that can turn to almost 360 degrees!

6. Most extreme hearing animals: Dog

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Dog‘s hearing frequency is 40 hertz to 60,000 hertz. It has 18 muscles in ears that help it rotate, wiggle, and tilt ears to hear the sound further.

5. Most extreme hearing animals: Cat

Cat’s hearing capacity is pretty impressive. It can hear with a range of 45 hertz to 64,000 hertz. Each cat’s ear has three dozen muscles!

4. Most extreme hearing animals: Dolphin

Dolphin uses echolocation just like bats. Though it doesn’t have external ears as most animals have, it can hear through small holes found on both sides of its head while not underwater. Underwater, it uses its lower jawbone, which conducts sounds up to the middle ear. Dolphin’s hearing ranges from 20 hertz up to 150 kilohertz.

3. Most extreme hearing animals: Bat

Second to greater wax moth is the bat. It uses “echolocation” when it travels on its nocturnal world and also when it searches for its prey. Bat’s hearing frequency ranges from 9 kilohertz to 200 kilohertz.

2. Most extreme hearing animals: Elephant

With the elephant’s large ears that function as amplifiers, it is really not a surprise to see it on the list. It has a hearing frequency from a minimum 14 to 16 hertz up to 12, 000 hertz. Research on African elephants also shows that it delivers and receives information through low-frequency sounds that travel many miles under savanna’s ground.

1. Most extreme hearing animals: Greater Wax Moth

The greater wax moth can hear 150 times better than humans. This guy’s hearing can reach up to 300 kilohertz and, surprisingly, hearing 100 kilohertz more than a bat. Researchers at the University of Strathclyde discovered that this creature is the world’s most extreme hearing animal.

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