Top Destinations for Solo Female Travelers


As the trend of solo traveling is immensely spreading it inspires large number of females to travel the world alone and explore the most beautiful places on this planet. They should feel safe and secure while having a solo trip. It offers a great enthusiasm for tourists looking for new friends and want to share the tales of their adventurous travel and tips with other people. Before starting their journey, the female travels should follow the travel tips and guides to enjoy a safe travel. There are enormous destinations that are quite safe for solo female travelers where they can plan a trip and enjoy a thrilling and alluring trip. 


Iceland is also famed as “The Land of Fire”, packed with mesmerizing sights that attract a large number of visitors all around the world. It is a real gem that holds stunning waterfalls, active volcanoes, picturesque landscapes and beaches. Iceland is very popular destination for solo female travelers. The female travelers love the Iceland as the government made a legal declaration that the women have to pay less than the men. By the Global Peace Index, Iceland was ranked as the safest country in the world in 2018. 

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New Zealand 

If you are going to plan a solo travel this holiday season, you must add New Zealand in your travel bucket list. It is indulged in spectacular fjords, pristine lakes, striking beaches, lush green mountains and much more to explore. This amazing country is known as the most peaceful destination for solo female travelers where they have an opportunity to have a glimpse at the enchanting landscapes and beautiful scenery. The female tourists can have a great fun with a lot of interesting activities such as skydiving, skiing, hiking, bungee jumping, cruising and much more. 

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The amazing country of Canada is known for the most friendly people and rich culture that attract a wide number of tourists all over the globe. This inspiring country is one of the most peaceful destination for solo female travelers where they can also experience a unique taste of European history as it is the neighbor to America. If you want to enjoy both a great comfort and fun start backpacking to this amazing country that carry a significant repute of kindness. 

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The alluring country of Japan is widely famous as a peaceful and safe destination for solo travelers. The people of Japan are world famous due to their friendly nature and respectful etiquettes. Japan is immersed in a unique mixture of ancient and modern architecture holding a rich history and culture. While having a visit to Japan, do not miss the treasure trove of historic temples, gardens and shrines – the city of Kyoto. You are going to have a great fun in this inspiring land in your holiday season.  

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Australia is no doubt the most favorite destination for female solo travelers incorporating diverse wildlife and landscapes. This glaring country is famous worldwide for its vigorous musical nights, mouthwatering and award winning cuisine and great artistic culture. It is one of the best tourist destinations to explore this magnificent country alongside exploring historical attractions. The solo travelers can also enjoy a great shopping experience and do a lot of fun activities. 

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For breathtaking mountain views and gorgeous landscapes, Switzerland must not be missed by any female traveler. Switzerland is known as one of the most happiest and safe country in the world that is a dream destination of every tourist. This picturesque and prince charming attraction offers incredible sights to the tourists. The visitors can explore the stunning architecture and also do a lot of fun and adventurous activities such as hiking, rock climbing and skiing. 

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