Top 5 Female Clothing Brands

Since 2010, Pakistan’s fashion industry has made amazing advancement in ornamental fashion wisdom in the women of Pakistan. Several topmost lined Fashion designers like Sana & Safinaz, Khadi, Wardah, Maria B have paid their efforts through their fashion brands to mature fashion wisdom amid females of Pakistan. The appreciation of these ladies fashion brands has feast to other countries as well, which is helpful in dazzling an optimistic appearance of Pakistan.

By relating Pakistani females with the females of other countries, Pakistani females are not late in accepting latest fashion inclinations. Pakistani females are fashion aficionado and have good fashion taste so; they can swiftly track fashion trends. Great appreciations to Fashion Brands of Pakistan! As, you can straightforwardly find the seamless dress and fashion accouterments for appearing in any event or occasion, underneath native brands of Pakistan.

Here is the list of Top 5 Fashion Brands of Pakistan, which you can consider for shopping!

1. Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz is the joint venture of two talented fashion designers. Both of these designers have been making their efforts in the line of women fashion since 1989. Sana Safinaz is famous for designing eastern wear with a western touch, and it perfectly suits to modern women of Pakistan.

2. Khaadi

Khaadi was launched back in 1998 by introducing hand-woven kurtas. With its launched, it became quite famous for its impressive embroidery designs, which reflected our traditional wear with a modern look. For competing with other fashion brands of Pakistan, Khaadi has also stepped into developing fragrances and jewelry collection for females.

3. Nishat Linen

Like Khaadi, Nishat Linen originally started off as linen fabrics, then later moved towards lawn and ready-to-wear. The fabrics in both stitched and unstitched products are quite luxe yet very individualistic in style and print. This brand is great for the person who wants to go for something low-key yet timeless. Their earrings are beautiful and you also have the option of buying unstitched cloth separately, instead of buying the usual three pieces that comprise of a suit.

4. Gul Ahmed

Gul Ahmed is the oldest and pioneer women fashion brand. It started its textile manufacturing operation in 1959 since then it has been the top priority of women for buying clothes. Under the Gul Ahmed you can easily find stitched & unstitched wear and as well as Western Wear.

5. Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed took his step in fashion clothing by opening an outlet in 2002, since then he had made a rapid progress by offering a variety of fashion clothing for both men & women. Moreover, Junaid Jamshed has also launched its fragrance and makeup collection, which is quite popular among women.

This post is based on popularity and other factors we are not affiliated with any of the brands listed above.

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