Karachi is known for its massive varieties of different kinds of food. You would almost find everything here from Chinese to desi and all sorts of fast food options. Now most of us are too lazy to get up in the morning and prepare some yummlicious breakfast so instead we usually end up skipping one of the most important meal of the whole day. There is always an option to find out options outside your home, you can go grab your meal or peacefully dine out at any of your favorite places that serve breakfast and if you’re unaware of where to find great breakfast options and deals then continue reading and discover various breakfast options that you might find in the city.

These are all the great places having various options to start off your day with a great breakfast option:


Xander’s serves jumbo breakfast parts to kick start your initial morning cravings for food. Their waffles, flapjacks and an assortment of egg things will undoubtedly draw in you again and again. They have a throughout the day breakfast; you don’t need to be a morning person any more to appreciate a tasty breakfast. It is located at Dha phase 6 and at Clifton.

2.    CAFE FLO

This spot is clamoring with vitality on Sunday’s for their Sunday Brunch since it Is simply spectacular. They have the most realistic looking dishes that taste similarly stunning.


A standout amongst the most famous breakfast places to date, ToosoNashta keeps on remaining the go-to put for Karachiites since decade’s now. Tooso’s mark dishes are halwapuri, aloo bhujia and tea, the spot likewise offers eggs and parathas for breakfast. It is located a bhadarabad.


Nothing beats an early Sunday morning walk around the shoreline pursued by a late outdoors halwapuri breakfast at Baithak on charpayes with loved ones. On the off chance that you are not up for halwapuri, their parathas, particularly the cheddar ones merit attempting as well!


Floc has a wide range of sorts of omelets and espressos’ hot to cold. What’s more, their raspberry jam is entirely astounding.


On the off chance that you wish to begin your mornings with gluten-free breakfast, this is your spot. Nature of the bistro is incredible; the tree in the focal point of the bistro makes you feel better. There’s an Organic store appended to it, they offer some great natural sustenance which you can’t miss!


Chatkharay in Khadda Market is a pleasant sit-down spot to appreciate breakfast. It is known for its chaats. It’s incredible for familes and even your life partner. Agreeable condition with your most loved halwapuri makes Chatkhaare worth attempting.

8.    DEL FRIO

This presents each other’s choice for the individuals who are in the mind-set of Waffles and Pancakes. With sustenance made to satisfy your salivating taste buds, Del Frio entireties up to be an extraordinary breakfast pick. It has two branches having a cozy environment one is at Clifton and the second one is at sindhi muslim society.


Their mark standard sustenance is Halwa Puri since right when you enter Clifton, you cannot resist ceasing here for their sizzling halwa poori nashta. It located near teen talwar and has a great family sitting place.


Quetta Alamgir Hotel is another of our most loved desi breakfast places. They serve a standout amongst the best lachaydaar parathas and doodhpati chai in Karachi. Their rendition of Pizza Paratha (omelet on paratha) is an unquestionable requirement attempt as well! It is located at alamgir road near dehli mercantile society.

Well these are all the fun places which have great and wide options that you can select from on the other hand if you want to explore more authentic food then you should also go for the famous food streets of Karachi. There you shall find different kinds of options to explore and enjoy. The two very well known streets which serves various sort of food items are Boat basin and the second one is burns road Karachi. Even during the month of Ramadan these places are flooded with customers who on a regular basis come with their families to enjoy sehris and iftars. You would see that these places are filled with people even after midnight. So if you plan on treating yourself with breakfast in the morning then don’t forget to try out all these places.

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