Thailand Events and Festivals

Thailand Events and Festivals

Thailand is such an alluring country holding a wide array of captivating festivals and traditional events. This country is rich in culture and offers many festivals all around the year that attract a large number of tourists all over the globe. Thailand is also famous for hospitable and friendly people who are always ready to welcome their guests having a lovely smile on their faces. Tourists can catch a sight of the traditions and culture of Thailand while attending a Thai festival and can enjoy a fascinating experience. The charming country of Thailand comprises various feasts that come up with cultural sightseeing and heritage. 

Water Festival (Songkran)

One of the most fun and significant event in Thailand is Songkran Water Festival that is celebrated at the start of the New Year. Tourists can view the striking water fights taking place throughout the whole country and everyone looks fully soaked in water. Songkran Water Festival starts from 13th April and can be observed in villages and cities for around a week. The Water Festival is started by visiting the temples and paying thanks to the gods then celebrations begins. 

Tourists should not get angry if someone throws water as it is just a fun activity and traditional celebration. They can stay on a side if they do not want to participate in the water activity. 

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Phi Ta Khon (Ghost Festival)

Also known as Ghost Festival, Phi Ta Khon is a celebration that takes place for three days in the DanSai town. According to the lunar calendar, festivity happens in June or July on the 6th day of full moon. The visitors can have a glimpse at the locals appearing in captivating masks and colorful traditional dresses during the festival. They believe that Phi ta Khon will bring great pleasure for the dead and living people. Tourists can also experience delightful parades, amazing music concerts and other Buddhist decorum. They can also buy traditional handicrafts and other items along with enjoy their holidays in a party atmosphere. 

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Lantern Festival (Yi Peng or Yee Peng)

In the 12th month of the lunar calendar, Lantern Festival also known as Yi Peng or Yee Peng festival is celebrated especially in the fairy tale city of Chiang Mai. This spectacular event is celebrated by lighting a large number of lanterns to welcome the New Year with great happiness. When the light lanterns wise high in the sky it offers an incredible to the visitors leaving them speechless. It is believed by the local people that it is the best time to make a wish for a great fortune while lighting a lantern because the moon is at its brightest in the sky and rivers are at their peak. 

Tha Phae Road and Mae Jo University are the best places to experience the Lantern Festivals. Live music performances and firecrackers brightening the sky can be seen after releasing the light lanterns. 

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Rocket Festival (Boon Bang Fai)

In the north eastern part of Thailand, Just before the rice planting season begins, Rocket Festival also known as Boon Bang Fai is celebrated just before the rice planting season begins. The Rocket Festival is regarded as last knees up and initiated in Isaan because after the rains the farmers come by plantation of rice.  The local Thai people believe that the Rocket Festival would bring heavy rains and more crops as the gods will be encouraged by the celebration of the festival. Before the event starts various teams prepares rockets and if they are failed to launch the rocket they are required to take mud baths as their punishment. 

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The main festival of Boon Bang Fai is celebrated in the province of Yasothon and other small villages also recognize the Rocket Festival all over the country. Tourists can experience the attractive parades, traditional folk music, local rice wine and a lot of other festivities in this charming Rocket Festival. 

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