Swat District

 Swat valley is the most excellent area in the Malakand division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The local organization of the Swat valley is in saidushariff. Swat valley was before the August condition of yousufzai clan of Pashtuns. The valley is encompassed by blanketed green mountains with exceptionally chilly climate. The occupants of swat are, for the most part, Pashtuns with the number of inhabitants in just about 2,309,570 according to 2017 registration. The downtown area of Swat valley is known as Mingora, where all the business exercises occur. Swat is referred to everywhere throughout the as the Switzerland of the east for its magnificence and climate.

History of Swat:

History of Swat valley is as old as 2000 years. It was a quiet valley until the eleventh century. Be that as it may, later the power battle among the feudal of swat drove towards the interruption of harmony. Afterward, in nineteenth-century swat under the rule of akhund sahib thrived and rose to its unique magnificence and recovered its lost status once more.


 Geographically swat possesses an imperative position in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is encompassed by Chitral, Upper Dir, Lower Dir and Kohistan, Buner Shangla in the east. Be that as it may, in its west lies the Gilgit Baltistan which associates Pakistan with China through Karakorum thruway and with Tajikistan through Wakhan pass? Geologically, swat district has been honored with delightful mountains, ice sheets, streams, lakes and diverse sort of regular natural products. Following are the absolute most visited valleys in swat

  1. Kalam valley
  2. Madyain valley
  3. Bahrain Valley
  4. Kumrat Valley
  5. Marghzar Valley
  6. Malam Jabba
  7. Mahodand Lake

Swat Weather:

The climate of Swat valley is cold in winters and moderate in summers. It appreciates the status of being cold and moderate even in summers. Individuals from everywhere throughout the nation love visiting Swat valley because of its chilly climate. Moreover, the cool wind in the valley pulls in a large number of sightseers in the summers from May to August.

The culture of Swat:

Socially swat valley is wealthy in its way of life, standards, and values. The vast majority of the occupants are Pashtun. They are courageous and they live as indicated by their own particular manners. The language of the general population of the valley is Pashto. The clans living in swat are generally yousufzaipathans. These individuals are all around well disposed and adoring towards their visitors. The general population of swat praises their celebrations with incredible zest and boldness. Swat valley is well known for its social Pashtun dresses accessible in saidushariff for all men, ladies, and children.

University of Swat Valley:

The University of Swat Valley was set up in 7th July 2010. The college is arranged in saidusharif. It is going by chancellor alongside his group of enlistment centers, extra recorders, representative recorders and heads of offices. The college has 3500+ understudies concentrating in different offices. Distinctive social, athletically and instructive exercises are held each year in the college. The college of swat has numerous understudies from the nation over examining in different divisions for advanced education. The University of Swat Valley has the accompanying divisions.

  • Department of Business Administration
  • Department of Computer Science
  • Department of Development Studies
  • Department of Mass Communication
  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Law and Shari’a
  • Department of Statistics
  • Department of Environmental Science
  • Center for Agriculture Sciences and Forestry
  • Center for Animal Science and Fisheries
  • Center for Biotechnology & Microbiology
  • Center for Earth Sciences
  • Center for Education and Staff Training
  • Center for Management & Commerce
  • Center for Plant Science and Biodiversity
  • Department of Applied Physical and Material Sciences
  • Department of Computer and Software Technologies
  • Department of Economics and Development Studies
  • Department of English and Foreign Languages
  • Department of Environmental and Conservation Sciences
  • Department of Forensic Studies
  • Department of Health and Physical Education
  • Department of Islamic and Arabic Studies
  • Department of Law &Shari’a
  • Department of Library and Information Studies
  • Department of Mathematics & Statistics
  • Department of Media & Communication Studies
  • Department of Political and International Studies
  • Department of Psychological Studies
  • Department of Social and Gender Studies
  • Institute of Chemical Sciences
  • Institute of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality Management

Swat Airport:

Swat valley’s air terminal is known as saidusharif airplane terminal. It is arranged between two towns in particular dherai and kanju. The airplane terminal was worked in 1978 week by week there are two flights from Islamabad and Peshawar every day. In any case, the postponement is likewise typical because of extreme overcast climate and continuous rains in the valley.

Top Places to Visit in Swat:

 Swat valley is completely worth visiting because of its excellence and fascination. Be that as it may, the absolute most excellent spots are recorded underneath.

  1. Kalam Valley:

 Kalam Valley is 99 Kilometers from the city of Swat. It is a standout amongst the most captivating valley in the locale. The valley is encompassed by lovely rich green timberlands and lakes. The green slopes in the valley draw in numerous guests from all around the globe. The best time to visit the valley is from April to September. Notwithstanding, the winters in the valley are unforgiving and cold. 

2. Madyan:

The madyan is the wonderful slope station in the locale of swat. It resembles a smaller than normal Switzerland of Pakistan. The madyan valley is encompassed by delightful retreats and lodgings. The waterway that streams between the slope stations includes the excellence of madyan. The fluvial chilled water of swat waterway remains the fascination for the visitor. The sound of water claims visitor going by the valley.

3. Bahrain

Bahrain is the other slope side station in Swat valley. It is well known for its skiing resorts. There is a number of lodgings and resorts in the valley of Bahrain for the traveler. Individuals visiting swat valley never miss visiting Bahrain valley. It is one of the most visiting places in the whole valley among other delightful places of interest.

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