Want to connect to a friend; Facebook is here, bored and tired; let’s spend time on Instagram, missing a friend or family; let’s connect on video on skype or WhatsApp, want to listen to music; YouTube is here. Thanks to social media, our life is packed and jammed with so much to do even when we have nothing to do. Is social media a blessing or curse to our real life? Are we really dependent upon it? Does our lives encircle around it? Let’s decide whether we made social media or social media made us but first have a look at what actually is social media?

Internet based technology which can be accessed by laptop, PC, smartphones or tablet and is a complete package of entertainment and infotainment using contents like posts, videos, pictures, and documents is termed as social media. Now a days it is used for ideas sharing, information sharing, network building, marketing and businesses. Now we can share information practically within seconds in any part of world and with high end secured accuracy.

The original platform for introduced for staying in connectivity with friends and family but later was adopted by businesses for marketing and running online businesses and to stay in touch with their customers. 

According to a survey conducted in January 2019 over 3 billion people around the globe uses social media of any kind. They make up 71% of total world population. Most of these users are youngsters, age’s ranges from 18-29 years old. Facebook holds the top position with 2.27 billion users followed by YouTube with 1.9 billion users. WhatsApp holds third position with 1.5 billion users. Facebook messenger engaged 1.3 billion consumers hence spotted fourth spot in this list. 1.08B users made WeChat fifth most used social media platform, on sixth spot Instagram gathered a billion users.

Social media is a part of our life and we cannot deny it. But the question still stands that whether social media is a blessing or curse for present generation or it is just our escapism from harsh realities of life. Let’s have a brief look on the pros and cons of social media.


  1. Made real time communication even if the other person is miles away. It’s like the person is in front of you.
  • Social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and many others helps job seekers find their job fit for a perfect career.
  • Social media allows fast circulation of news/information. This can come quiet handy in case of crisis.
  • A smart and powerful tool for business and marketing
  • Social media promotes social skills, self-expression, cross culture exposure and prodigious amount of knowledge.


Now let’s flip the coin and have a look on the other side that is the dark side of social media

  1. Social media is effecting both mental and physical health of the present generation. Obesity and paucity of physical exercises is causing health hazards. Also it one of the most reasons for stress and anxiety
  • More active on social media; low grades. This little meme explains it well
  • Exposure of youngsters to adult and inappropriate content. Social media users are the teens mostly and they can get attacked by cyberbullying which expose them to mature content and can cause anxiety and frustration.
  • Think twice before you post any content on social media. Content you post cannot be truly deleted, even if you wish to delete it. The data once used on any platform stays in the cache of that app or website.
  • Confusion with privacy policies always exits because very few people read it, understand it completely and carefully. Ignoring these kind of instructions can lead to disclosure of personal content to advertisers.

In the end I would say that social media is nothing but a diversion for short time.

It is neither a blessing nor a curse or escapism. What part it plays in an individual’s life that depends upon the person. It can be a part of life but not a whole life. Some call it squander of time while others call it plethora of exposure to technology.

On average people spend 4-6 hours daily on any kind of social media.  It’s not something to rely on for happiness or the real joys of life will be lost. No matter how hard or difficult life is, everyone has a potential to make something out of it.  Not letting technology conquer you and maintaining a good balance can ultimately make things easier. World is an online global village now but happiness is offline.

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