Karachi is an industrial area and caters to a lot of commerce and economic activities. When it comes to big industries it is far ahead from other cities but even if we talk about the small scale industries Karachi has various types of small scale industries set up in the city. The city has a great population which makes it more convenient for industry owners to find cheap labor which promotes in the growth of these small industries.  On the other hand these industries are also an important part of the economy as it brings a lot of benefits to the country and the city. As we mentioned earlier that due to the large population there is a need for greater employment opportunities within the country and these industries play an important part in generating all sort of employment opportunities. The second important factor that we can consider is that we have a tendency of increasing population which eventually leads to great demand or in other words we can say and increase in the demand for the local products so therefore these industries help in coping up with the increasing demand of the nation. They production levels help in meeting up with the demands of the masses.

Another very important factor and advantage of these small scale businesses which I can highlight is that these platforms have provided women with opportunities to earn for their living. They can easily work and contribute in their homes or even if they are the only bread-earner of the family they can freely work and earn.

Karachi is the hub for a lot of small scale businesses which are set here from a really long time. Let us discuss few of the main small scale industries which are established here:

  1. Textile-fashion industry:

This industry has recently been evolved and has shown great potential from a profit gaining point of view. With the rapid changing trends demand for new clothing lines have increased massively. We can see that a lot of young girls have developed their own fashion lines and have taken the help of the electronic media in promoting their brands. On the other hand we have also seen some very famous luxury brands have also generated a lot of revenue through their creativity. This industry in Karachi is rapidly stretching throughout the city as people are willingly buying new creative designs.

  • Food industry:

This industry is a great potential for all those who are looking for entrepreneurial opportunities. Karachi itself is home to a lot of new eateries around the town and we can see huge success in the latest opening. As we have heard that people or the general public would always spend their money on two basic things, clothing and food. In Karachi we can see that the trend for enjoying during late night hours by sitting at the chai-stalls have motivated a lot of young entrepreneurs to open u such spots for facilitate the crowd.

  • Organic market:

With more modernization we have seen that the trends have shifted quite aggressively towards people choosing a healthier lifestyle by opting for things which are organically grown and chemical free. Not only when it comes to food items but also in medications, skin care and weight loss. People have targeted the particular sector in Karachi and have been producing items for them which are organic and not harmful. Another trend that is quite popular throughout the country as well as Karachi is losing weight, people have been targeting obese people by selling and creating products for them which are organic and will aid in weight loss.

  • Mobile and electronic industry:

This is a small scale industry with a slightly greater investment but most of the times there are promising higher returns. People have started doing such business within there own social circles. Whenever someone visits abroad they order a few phones and then sell them in the city with higher margins. We would usually see that the electronic business in Karachi is dominated by the business minded people in the sadar area which is known to be the market for such items. Mobile market sadar is quite a well-known spot for buying a cell phone.

So these are some small scale industries which have been set up here in the city. They are providing employment for a lot of people and along with that also contributing in the GDP. These are just a few examples of the small scale industries that are set up in Karachi, there are a lot more too. For example: people who deal with selling of cars and properties they also comes under the category of small scale businesses, also the a fruit and French fries vendor who deal with miniature sales they also come under the category of small scale industries.

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