Saudi Arabia Might Allow Women to Perform Hajj without a Male Guardian

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Hajj is the most important religious journey for the Muslims of the whole world. Every Muslim has a dream and spare no effort to perform it for once in their life time. In view of the fact it is mandatory that devotee must be physically healthy and financially able to perform the Hajj.

There is an additional requirement for Muslim women that they should visit the Holy Lands with their ‘Mahram’ or male guardian. According to some Arab News channels, the Government of Saudi Arabia might allow women to perform their pilgrimage alone without a male guardian.

Saudi Arabia is exploring various solo visa options for women

Saudi Arabia is moving ahead steadily as the magnificent Kingdom is now allowing freedom for women in working, driving and various other activities as equal to men. Unexpectedly various changes have been made in the laws for female pilgrimages that allow them to perform the basic activities without being dependent of their fellow man.

Saudi Arabia is looking thoughtfully to introduce visa for Umrah for solo female traveler and tourism visa. It will help the Muslim women all around the world to perform Umrah and Hajj without depending on a male guardian or ‘Mahram’.

According to current law of Saudi Arabia, any female above 45 years looking to perform Hajj or Umrah must go along with a male having a blood relation with her. Moreover, a woman more than 45 years old can travel with a group if she has a ‘no objection’ notarized letter that shows that her husband, son or brother has allowed her to travel with that group. If the group do not have notarized letter they will be deported if they do not meet the policies.

If this particular evolution is approved it will be easy for women to perform religious pilgrimages if they do not have any male guardian available. This movement will also speed up the profitable business of Hajj in Saudi Arabia.

Hajj and Umrah sector endured due to reforms and regulations

The Umrah enterprises are really concerned about the certain rules and warning that around 200 companies will have to quit this sector if the related authorities do not take any step to do something.

Ministry conduct various updates for pilgrims

The various updates conducted by the religious ministry includes offering resilience and flexibility in transport for devotees as they can access the transport from a fixed portal known as Maqam. A digital setup also enabled Muslims to apply for Umrah packages from all over the world.

Pakistan has also managed and took charge by introducing various mobile apps related to Hajj.

Allowing Umrah and Hajj visas for women will not also boom the business in the Kingdom but it will also enable the Muslim women to independently carry out their religious and tourism plans in Saudi Arabia.

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