Sania Mirza and Veena Malik’s Twitter brawl


A heated set of tweets were exchanged between Sania Mirza, wife of Shoaib Malik and Veena Malik after Pakistan’s dismal performance against India.

The Pak-Ind match turned a nasty page on Twitter after the Pakistani cricket team players were seen enjoying a night out in a sheesha café a few hours before the match.

It all began with Sania Mirza being heavily trolled for going out with her husband and other team players the night before an important game.

Sania Mirza didn’t take the criticism well and responded with a tweet mentioning that she was there with her baby and husband for dinner and it was a breach of privacy.

‘That’s the video you shot without asking us,disrespecting our privacy even though we had a child with us?& got told off for doing so,& u came up with this crap?FYI ‘outing’ was dinner & yes ppl are allowed to eat if they lose a match!Bunch of fools!Try better content nxt time,’ she added.

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