Rawalpindi is the city of Punjab area, neighboring the capital of Pakistan. It is regularly known as Pindi. As per populace, Rawalpindi is the fourth biggest city of Pakistan. Rawalpindi is situated on the pothohar level. It is likewise known by its antiquated Buddhist heritage. Development of the new capital in 1960 leg to extraordinary interests in the city. Present day Rawalpindi is socially and financially gone head to head with Islamabad. The city is additionally home to a few lodging improvements which fill in as room networks for specialists in Islamabad. The city is additionally home to notable havelis and sanctuaries, fills in as a center point for traveler visiting adjacent territories.

History of Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi falls inside the antiquated limits of Gandhara. In the north-west of Rawalpindi, follows have been found of nine sanctuaries and a few antiquities in the Kharoshthi content. The soonest settlement of Rawalpindi dates from when Mehmood of Ghazni decimated Rawalpindi. Amid the Mughal period, Rawalpindi remained under the standard of the Ghakhar group, who aligned themselves with the Mughal Empire. In 1810, Sikh ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh caught the locale dealing with the district. After that, the British assumed control over the city they made a few common and military structures. After the autonomy, Rawalpindi turned into the military headquarters of Pakistan military. 


Rawalpindi covers all out region of 259〖km〗^2. It is 508 meters over the ocean level. It is neighboring to Taxila city. It works on IST time zone.

Rawalpindi Weather

Rawalpindi faces sweltering and chilly climate in this way a decent spot to visit. It encounters of averagely 91 tempests. The climate here is very un-unsurprising. The best time to visit the city is from November to March in view of its cool climate. The city is likewise dust free; it has loads of rich greenery making it look lovely and makes the climate decent and clean. In the spring and Monsoon season, the general population of Rawalpindi appreciates the climate.

The culture of Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi was home to the pre-notable Soanian culture local to this district. A portion of the dialects expressed here are recorded underneath:

  • Urdu
  • Punjabi
  • Pashto
  • Majhi
  • Pahari
  • Pothohari
  • Kashmiri
  • Dhani

Rawalpindi air terminal

Benazir Bhutto International Airport filled in as Islamabad-Rawalpindi metropolitan region airplane terminal. It was the second biggest air terminal in Pakistan, it went under the ward of the military of Pakistan it’s now a new name is Nur Khan airbase. Be that as it may, on 3 May 2018 it was supplanted by the new Islamabad worldwide airport. Pakistan International Airline flies from here locally just as universally. Book your ticket through Zee aviation now and travel easily. 

Top spots to visit in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi is well known for its moderate atmosphere, memorable foundation and pleasant places of interest. Some of them are given underneath:

  • Ayub Park

Ayub national park is a very wonderful and greatest park in Rawalpindi locale. The recreation center has a stream, zoo, and slopes. It is an ideal spot to go on a cookout with your family and your friends and family. You can likewise engage yourself the waterway in shoddy rates. The recreation center additionally has heaps of swings, slides and other youngster’s toys due to that numerous families visit the recreation center at night. Toward the beginning of the day park, turn into a spot for practicing heaps of individuals come here to practice separately just as in gatherings. Zee flight offers you various convenience choices by our endeavor lodgings from where you visit the recreation center easily and can venture out to different spots. 

  • Saddar Bazaar

It is the best spot for shopping in Rawalpindi situated in the cant territory. The spot has heaps of strip malls. It is likewise the best spot to visit during the evening in Rawalpindi as a result of the Food slows down and decent air. Saddar Bazaar has looked for transitional and tip top gatherings. It is the most development, reasonable expense and well reachable market in the area. 

  • Golf Club

In the event that you are golf sweetheart, you will love this spot no doubt. It was first worked as the 9-gap course however at this point it is changed into the 27-opening course. Exceptional household golf amusement competitions are engaged here all the time.

  • Liaqat Park

It is among a standout amongst the best parklands in Rawalpindi, having an attractive running track, a play area for children and bunches of trees and bushes making the recreation center to look faultless.

  • Raja Bazaar

The bazaar is an amazingly packed spot in the city. Where you can get all the vital things, almost all exchange merchandise things essentially great garments are available easily costs. The main defect of the bazaar is that it stays swarmed particularly amid the light. The bazaar is additionally celebrated for its outline and the-bally.

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