Present state of affairs of Pakistan-India

There has always been a tense situation between the two very prominent countries which are known as Pakistan and India. Well this all started way back after the partition during the 1947’s but soon as the war and the partition got settled down the hatred among the two nations still prevailed. Things were going on pretty smooth between the countries but soon after 19th February 2019, the situation became more intense after the Pulwama attack. This attack resulted in the loss of around 42 Indian soldiers appointed at the Kashmir territory which created a great hustle among the Indian nation.

The Indian public demanded justice from the government and wanted a rapid action against Pakistan which had been accused by the Indian authorities in playing their share in the attack. With Indian elections right at the corner it was a great pressure on the existing Prime Minister Mr. Modi to take an action against Pakistan. Chaos resulted in various air strikes, capturing of an Indian pilot by the Pakistani forces and the situation by then worsen quite baldy.

We could say that the action taken by both of the countries could be a result of the immense pressure that they had from the public, not wanting to disappoint their public under any circumstances. Observing from the Indian side we could identify a furious nation who just lost their young men in terrorism and on the other hand we saw Pakistan trying to protect the country and just informing the enemy that they are quite aware of the situation themselves. We heard cries of war, terror initiated among the local public deep inside everyone had their patriotism level high, and ready to serve their lives for their country but what they failed to understand that war for any country is never the best solution.

As mentioned by the Pakistani Prime minister Mr.Imran Khan that starting a war is easy but it might be not identified when it will end. The greatest solutions found have always been on the basis of negotiating or having a verbal dialogue instead of putting the country’s safety and future at stake. At some point we could consider that Pakistan’s plea made against the statement that accused the nation for having an active role in the attack was quite justified as there was no proper evidence which stated that Pakistan was actually the part of the attack. While on the other hand we could put some criticism on India’s end for not investigating the matter fully and taking decision which could have actually resulted in a war. 

With war only comes consequences that we as a nation would have to face, losing our loved ones, seeing  our homes being destroyed, putting ones honor at risk and the worst of all seeing your country being destroyed by people who once lived here. It is we as a nation who needs to step forward and bring peace among the two nation but finding solutions for the root problems, helping the country for betterment not for destruction.

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