PIA is the only airline bringing the Deceased to Home at Zero Cost

PIA is the only airline bringing the Deceased to Home at Zero Cost

It is more than a nightmare and traumatic to bring the deceased loved one to the home country. When you relative died in a foreign country and you have to bring the dead body home, you will surely feel alone in the process of getting all the documents clear and it would be never easy for you.

PIA, the national flag carrier of Pakistan, is the only airline that brings the deceased to home at zero cost. Pakistan International Airline supports you in the difficult situation and does so absolutely free at no cost.

PIA is always up right and helping the people of Pakistan when travel becomes more costly and difficult conditions. It is the heritage of our national airline to serve the people in legal ways at the time of need so it is bringing their loved ones to home without any cost.

Various other airline charge heavily for carrying the deceased to the home country, only PIA does so without costing any amount. A few time ago, a Pakistani lady died during performing Umrah, when her husband refer to Emirates for bringing the deceased lady to home they demand for a big amount as charges.

The caring and empathetic staff of PIA is always ready to help and understand the problems of passenger with their matchless services. PIA is on its ways to enlarge its network and bring improvements in a timely manner. We are confident to say that PIA will soon gain its place high in the top airlines of the world.

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