Peshawar is one of the huge urban areas in Pakistan. it is the capital of territory Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is situated in the wide-going valley of Peshawar close to the eastern end of Khyber Pass. The city is extremely near Afghanistan fringe. Peshawar is written history returns to 539 BCE, making it one of the most seasoned urban communities in the entire world.

History of Peshawar

Peshawar was established as an old city in the fields of Gandhara fields. The city was in all respects likely a town in the fifth century BCE. In the principal century of basic schedule, the city went under the control of khujula Kadphises, organizer of Kushan Empire. The city was made the capital of the Kushan Empire. In 1001, Muslims armed forces effectively vanquished the military of Raja Jayapala. Amid the Mughal period, Peshawar remained an imperative exchange course between India and focal Asia. In 1738, Peshawar was caught from the Mughals by Persian armed forces. In 1747, Peshawar was caught by the originator of Afghan Durrani Empire. Amid the late 1700 Peshawar was at the Center of innovative rural area that conveyed quite a bit of north India’s dried natural product. In 1818, Peshawar was caught by the Sikh and in 1849 British vanquished the city and British Raj came into the area. In 1947, Peshawar turned into the city of Pakistan.


Peshawar covers all out the territory of 1,257〖km〗^2 with the rise of 450 meters above ocean level. Peshawar lies in the western bit of the valley and watchmen the huge Khyber Pass. The old city of Peshawar was a very verified fortress that had high dividers. In the 21st century, just parts of the dividers remain, however, the houses and havelis keep on being structures of significance. Because of the harm brought about by fast development, the old walled city has been perceived as a region that promptly requires redesign and protection.

 Peshawar Weather

Peshawar comprises of both sweltering and cool climate. Summers begin from early May to late September and the temperature of Peshawar city is from 30 to 40 C. while the winters begin from early October to late walk in which max normal temperature of the city is 30 C. the best time to visit the city is from November to early walk on account of its cool climate.

The culture of Peshawar

Attan move is the conventional move of Pashtun culture. As there is a greater part of Pashtuns live in Peshawar their way of life is overwhelming in the city. A portion of the dialects expressed in the city are:

  • Pashto
  • Urdu
  • Hindko

College of Peshawar

College of Peshawar is situated in Peshawar. It is an open part college and is one of the most seasoned colleges in the nation. The college was built up in 1950. A portion of its resources are recorded beneath:

  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Mass Communication
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Computer Science
  • Faculty of Management
  • Faculty of Electronics
  • Faculty of Medical
  • Faculty of Economics

Peshawar Airport

Bacha khan universal airplane terminal is a global air terminal. It is the busiest airport, One phenomenal component is that one end of the principle runway is crossed by the railroad line. Pakistan International Airline flies from Peshawar to different urban areas of the nation. It likewise flies immediate and aberrant flights to different urban communities.

Top spots to visit in Peshawar

As Peshawar is one of the most seasoned urban communities on the planet there are loads of noteworthy and present-day places of interest. Some of them are recorded underneath:

  • Khyber Pass

It is a mountain pass interfacing Pakistan and Afghanistan. It was a basic piece of Silk Road, one of the most established go on the planet. Since the commencement, this pass was a significant figure in term of military and exchanging among Central and South Asia.

  • Bala Hisar Fort

The fortress is a delightful work of art of development. It is situated in the core of the city on high dikes which gives a stunning perspective overall city. Zee flying offers you various convenience choices by our endeavor lodgings from where you can just visit the fortification and can remain serenely.

  • Peshawar Museum

The historical center has a gathering of coins, reports and ancient rarities dating from Mughal time and even before that. The historical center was worked in the memory of Queen Victoria. It has a fine accumulation of Buddhist curios and figures.

  • Qissa khawani Bazaar

Qissa khawani Bazaar actually implies the Bazaar of storytellers. In antiquated occasions, there were proficient storytellers, gatherings of individuals from various Asia states come there to some tea while tuning in to the tales.

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