Nadia Jamil talks about suffering from epilepsy


Nadia Jamil opened up about her ongoing battle with epilepsy while chatting with Samina Peerzada on her web show.

She disclosed about her moving abroad due to ongoing treatment of epilepsy in Cambridge where specialized facilities were available.

‘I was diagnosed with epilepsy so I decided to go to Cambridge as the health care facilities are far better and I was having many attacks at a time,’ she added.

Nadia divulged that her mom talked about her first seizure was when she was born but she had no recollection of that. Later on the first attack as an adult occurred on the sets of her drama ‘Be-Had’ and she was thankful for everyone’s support during the attack.

Initially doctors thought that seizures were due to the tumor but later on it was found that the seizures were due to epilepsy and not the tumor. The actress further told that she recently had gone through frequent seizure attacks and was diagnosed with another ailment called Wilson’s disease.

Nadia was taking on the disease through treatment plus yoga and kick boxing were a big help. She believes that nature has a lot of lessons for us to learn from. We just need to broaden our horizon and observe.

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