Muslim man beaten to death over not reciting Hindu chants in India

young Indian muslim man

A young Indian muslim man was killed by a crowd in India who forced him to perform Hindu chants, Indian media reported.

As per details, Tabrez Ansari was assaulted by the mob on 18 June, after being accused of breaking into a house and stealing a motorbike in the eastern state of Jharkand.

The viral video shows the members of a crowd beating the man with sticks.

In the Video mob can be heard forcing the 22-year-old to chant “Jai Shri Ram” and “Jai Hanuman”. The chants, which mean “victory to Lord Rama” and “victory to Hanuman”, are traditionally performed by devout Hindus. Rama and Hanuman are both Hindu gods.

In the video, Ansari can be heard chanting and pleading with the crowd to stop. The mob subsequently reported the 22-year-old to the police. Officers who arrived at the scene found him tied to a tree.

Multiple Indian newspapers said the police officers did not record the alleged assault in their incident report.

Ansari was held in police custody until Saturday, when he said he was feeling ill. He was taken to hospital in the city of Jamshedpur but was declared dead on arrival.

His family alleged he died from having been “mercilessly” beaten for four hours by the mob.

A recent US government report on international religious freedom found that mob attacks against Muslims in India occurred throughout 2018.

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