Meera on her Upcoming Film Baaji: “This Job Was My Unfulfilled Wish”

Distinguished director Saqib Malik’s film Baaji has made a ton of buzz. The film stars with the ravishing Meera and Amna Illyas in lead while Osman Khalid Butt, Mohsin Abbas Haider, Ali Kazmi, Nayyar Ejaz are likewise part of its troupe cast.

Many foreign media outlets facilitated the universally adored Meera in their studios to get a better understanding on this profoundly energizing venture.

“I have been on the chase for a decent movie, a great job and an executive who could make an excellent film. At that point I got a call and somebody communicated his desire to work with me. He revealed to me the storyline and informed the character. He is a major name of the business, a business executive, I have worked with him previously,” said Meera while shedding light on how the project started.

“Later we met and talked. He revealed to me it was the main title job. When I heard the story, I had an inclination that I had been longing for this job for my entire life. This job was my unfulfilled wish. I sensed that I had been dry and this would extinguish my thirst, I had been hungry and this would satisfy my hunger. I needed to live this character, play out this character and be this character before my fans. Luckily, I found the opportunity,” she added. “I trust Saqib Malik is a stickler. He dives into subtleties, goes into the profundity of his characters and figures out how to make delightful minutes and scenes. He works all around enthusiastically and is quick to deliver and indicate something beneficial.”

The veteran Pakistani actress termed Malik as the ruler of flawlessness. Speaking about teaming up with Amna Illyas, Meera said, “She worked truly well. She has given a generally excellent presentation.”

She added thatt Osman Khalid Butt was exceptionally strong on the sets and functioned admirably. “Mohsin and I have scenes together, we had great science, he assumes a significant job. In conclusion, Ali Kazmi has a noteworthy job, he is the center of the film and gave a decent exhibition.

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