Maria Toorpakay Wazir: a female Pakistani squash player

Maria Toorpakay Wazir is a Pakistani squash player. She was born on 22nd November 1990 in South Waziristan, FATA. She is the younger sister of Aisha Gulalai. She is a different type of girl. Till her early sixteen, she dressed up like boys and known as Genghis khan. She took part in many competitive sports and she was fully supported by her Muslim parents. At the age of 12, she showed exceptional performances by prevailing over boys in weightlifting competitions. At that time she won a junior championship held in Lahore.
Because of her love for squash, her father took her into a squash academy. She had to produce a new birth certificate to prove that she is a girl. When the reality came in front of others, no one coached her. She trained her by herself. Not only this, she was also harried and persecuted by other boys and male players as well. On that account, she became the first tribal female Pakistani squash player.
She started her professional carrier in 2006 as she was bewitched by squash. In August 2007, she was vouchsafed by the “Salam Pakistan Award” by the president of Pakistan “Pervaez Mushraf”. She was terrorized by Taliban to kill her and her family. She constricted herself in her home for three years. She was provided with a security from Pakistani national squash federation. She applied at different international schools and clubs but got no response. It was a crucial time for her. After all those restrictions, she managed to participate in World junior women’s squash championship in 2009 and won third place.

She suffered from a defeat in five-game semi final match of the POF Women’s International Squash Players Association on August 2007. It was first opened at Jahangir Khan Squash Complex in Wah Cantt. It was a downhearted moment for her as she could not qualify for WISPA World Tour final. In 2007, her name was also put forward for “Young Player of the Year” award.
She was coached by “Jonathon Power” in 2011. She got proper trainings from him in Toronto, Canada. In 2012, she was designated as Pakistan’s top female squash player. In 2013, she was one the three Pakistani feminine players to be ranked among the world’s 200 top female players list. Canadian first lady “Laureen Harper” also granted her with the first annual “Voice of the Hope Award” in 2012. In 2013, she delivered a distinguished and note-worthy speech for Tedxteen called “Squash Extremism”.
Eventually on May 2016, by her awe-inspiring performances she was graded on the number 56 among the female squash players in the world. She published her biography written by herself on May 2016. For this motive she was also interviewed by Terry Gross on National Public Radio’s Fresh Air. She has also organized a foundation to raise a voice for girl’s education and to influence their families to encourage them

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