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Pakistan has an advantage of having several ports within the country which are being developed at a great speed. Soon we would see that Pakistan after completely developing the ports would soon have great influence within the south South Asian. Within this region Pakistan is one of the big economies with a population of around two hundred million people and it also has a coastal area of around twelve hundred kilometers around the Arabian Sea.  In the coastal regions of Pakistan we can find around eight big and small ports which hold great importance to the country. Unfortunately due to low capital invested in this transport sector we can see that very few ships have been left, around 24 of them are present there out of which 17 ships are held by Pakistan’s country wide delivery companies. The three major big ports of Pakistan are Muhammad bin Qasim port, Karachi port and the Gawadar port. Karachi has an advantage of having two of the major ports of the country. The oldest port of Pakistan is the Muhammad bin Qasim port and the deepest port is Gawadar port which is being developed and it is said that it will be able to handle cargo ships with 16-meter depth.

Now let us talk about the ports that are situated in Karachi in detail:

  1. Karachi Port:

Karachi Port is the center of Pakistan’s significant exchanging through the ocean as 98 percent of the general global exchange is directed through this port. In that capacity, Karachi Port is being modernized at an aggregate of Rs. 5 billion together with World Bank home loan of US $91.4 million. The administration has improved accentuation on an early culmination of the whole advancement plot. As an outcome, the accompanying undertakings have effectively wound up utilitarian. Operation V has been built at an expense of Rs. 510 million with a yearly freight the executives capacity of six to eight million ocean load. The round street to clear up the issue of traffic blockage around Port territory and pivotal city regions of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, the government has given precede motion for the structure of a roundabout street. The round street including Southern through-move, Jinnah Bridge (stage II) and northerly with the by-go at an expected expense of Rs.1353 million. The principal period of the venture has been practiced in December 1997. Recreation of Berths No.5-1 to allow Karachi Port to control expanding volume of payload, the administration has coordinated to the remaking of the Berths No. 5-10 at an expected rate of US $60 million inside the following 2 years. Another Container Terminal has been created at West Wharf (Berths NO.22-24) is being introduced through private part at an expected cost of US $75 million. In spring 2009, the main super Sea load dispatch bringing 5000 holders landed in Pakistan through the recently dug 11 km extensive direct berthed in another compartment which has been dug right down to a profundity of 14m beforehand the birth was 11.3 meters down.

  • Port Muhammad Bin Qasim:

In spite of the fact that the port Qasim is one of the most seasoned ports however as of now, it is somewhat of a committed port for Pakistan Steel Mills to satisfy the expanding request of coal, it was resolved to amass an ocean port nearly 35 kilometers west of Karachi. It was built inside the late Nineteen-Seventies at the advanced bases and named after the Muslim regular Muhammad container Qasim who caught the zone around 712 A.D. associated with Pakistan steel Mills complex close to the Indus River delta, Port Qasim is Pakistan’s second busiest port, managing about 35% of the country’s load, 17 million tons for every annum. It is set in a memorable channel of the Indus River at a separation of 35 kilometers east of Karachi downtown area. The port contains 1,000 sections of land with an abutting 11,000-section of the land mechanical bequest. The procedure to the port is along a 45-kilometer protracted Navigation Channel which presents a secure route for vessels up to 75,000 DWT. The geographic job of the Port areas in closeness to essential conveyance courses. Surely a standout amongst its most critical favorable circumstances is the closeness to countrywide transport administrations – 15 kilometers from the Pakistan national parkway, 14 kilometers from the nationwide Railway through six railroad tracks found appropriate behind the compartments and 22 kilometers from Jinnah Airport, Pakistan’s biggest airplane terminal.

So these are the two very important ports which are present in Karachi and they contribute greatly in the transport activities of the country. If we compare both of the ports we can see that even though Port Qasim is one of the oldest ports in Karachi, the Karachi Port still experiences larger amount of traffic then Port Qasim. The government should consider the capital investment in this sector so that this sector can be greatly developed.

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