The city of Karachi has a large population and with that it also serves as one of the most important economical state of Pakistan. Karachi is well-known around the world as the financial and commercial capital of Pakistan. According to the sources we believe that Karachi alone contributes upto around 25 percent of Pakistan’s GDP and also it also plays an important economical share in generating around 65 percent of the national revenue of Pakistan. All of this includes the customs, provincial charges and surcharges. World Bank has also declared Karachi as the most business friendly city of Pakistan during 2007.

The city has an extremely substantial and assorted economy. It is home for the absolute biggest and most unique modern edifices in the nation, for example, Sindh Industrial and Trading Estate (SITE), Korangi Industrial and Trade Estate, FB Area, North Karachi Industrial, and Trade Estate, Dhabeji, and Port Qasim, and so on. SITE Manghopir is the biggest mechanical park of the nation containing around 4000 industrial facilities. The territories like I.I. Chundrigar Road, Sharah-e-Faisal, Clifton and Defense are the fundamental business center of Karachi.

As the city offers a perfect area for the business, the enterprises produce a wide assortment of products, from materials to synthetic substances, steel, and hardware. The adaptable businesses of the city additionally produce concrete, corn plants, shipbuilding, refined oil, shoes, and nourishment. Some real car fabricating organizations, for example, Toyota, Suzuki, Millat Tractors, Adam engines, HinoPak have their assembling plants in the city. The city is likewise home for a lot of bungalow enterprises.

The greater part of Pakistan’s open and private banks, insurance agencies have their head workplaces in Karachi. A large number of Pakistan’s free TV and radio channels, for example, Geo, ARY, Hum and AAJ TV, KTN, Sindh TV are headquartered in Karachi. The city likewise offers the degree for extension of the tertiary division and retail exchange. The biggest stock trade of Pakistan is arranged in Karachi. Jinnah International Airport arranged in Karachi is the biggest global airplane terminal in Pakistan.

The Karachi is a noteworthy ocean transport focus and contains the nation’s two noteworthy ports to be specific to the port of Karachi and Port Mohammad Bin Qasim. The city is an essential center for fishery business in Pakistan. The real fish harbor in Karachi incorporates Karachi Fish Harbor and Korangi Fish Harbor. In Karachi, around 300,000 individuals are associated with the fishery business and some backup ventures give work to around 400,000 individuals.

In spite of the fact that IT enterprises, electronic media and call focuses are assuming a noteworthy job in the present economy, the tremendous mechanical base of the city gives the greatest solidarity to the economy of Pakistan.

The Pakistani government is making various efforts in making Karachi one of the global hubs for commerce and business which was clearly stated by the higher authorities. The greatest advantage the Karachi enjoys is the large amount of manual labor force that it has, which makes it easier for industries to function here more easily and create greater economical activities. We see that people from all over Pakistan usually migrate to Karachi in search for a better job and a better future.

In 1960s Karachi has been a monetary good example for some nations on the planet. Numerous nations tried to copy Pakistan’s financial arranging methodology and one of them, South Korea, duplicated the nation’s second “Five-Year Plan”. The World Financial Center in Seoul is said to be structured and displayed after Karachi.

The city remained generally safe from the most exceedingly bad sort of militancy, suicide assaults, bomb and impacts that burdened the nation particularly the northern parts amid the most recent four years. Lamentably, the city has been hit in the past with focused killings, ethic and secretarial conflicts, turf war by various political and criminal gatherings, blackmail exercises, bank dacoities, thefts, and other road violations. The continuous vitality emergency has had its hindering effect on the economy of the nation; the persevering peace circumstance in the port city of the nation has taken is as yet taking a rebuffing financial toll.

To conclude we can easily call Karachi the business hub of Pakistan, playing an active part in generating. Economical activities, contributing in national revenue and the GDP makes it one of the most important city of Pakistan. This city has been blessed with various sort of natural inputs which it carefully utilizes. We would soon see with a little bit of more effort this city would soon be recognized as the potential global hub for business and commerce. 

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