Jailed daughter of late Uzbek leader returns $1.2 bn to state

(AFP) – The jailed daughter of Uzbekistan’s former leader has begged his successor to release her after claiming she gave more than $1.0 billion to the state, while an anti-fraud ruling in her former home of Switzerland deepened her troubles.

Gulnara Karimova, the 46-year-old daughter of the late strongman Islam Karimov, was sentenced to a decade behind bars by an Uzbek court in 2017 on fraud and money-laundering charges.

In a statement via Instagram on Sunday she stopped short of acknowledging guilt but apologised to the people of the Central Asian nation for “disappointment that I might have brought”.

The former diplomat and popstar said she had given more than $1.2 billion (one billion euros) of her “personal assets” to the state “in the interest of the republic’s budget”.

The Russian-language story shared on her daughter Iman Karimova’s Instagram page also said Karimova and her legal team had relinquished claims to $686 million kept in foreign banks.

“It’s authentic,” Karimova’s Swiss lawyer Gregoire Mangeat told AFP of the Instagram post on Monday, while declining to comment on its contents.

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