Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. Islamabad is famous for its security, elevated expectation of living and rich greenery. The city’s master plan was structured by Greek modeler, which partitions the city into eight zones, including private, authoritative, conciliatory enclave, instructive areas, Industrial division, Commercial territory, country and green zone. The city has a few tourist spots, including the Faisal mosque, the fourth biggest mosque on the planet. Different tourist spots incorporate Pakistan’s national landmark and Democracy square. Islamabad is likewise known for the nearness of a few stops and backwoods, Margalla slope national park and Shakarparian. Islamabad is ordered as extremely high on the Human advancement Index. The city has twenty colleges and is one of the most secure city of Pakistan which has costly reconnaissance framework.

History of Islamabad

Islamabad is arranged in the northwest of Pakistan on Potohar level. The city has a representative history for being a piece of the junction of the North West Frontier and the Rawalpindi. The city has a past filled with the most punctual human home in Asia. Probably the most punctual Stone Age relics were established here dating from 1 million to 500,000 years prior. The constrained unearthing of the locale has affirmed the nearness of ancient culture. It had Neolithic individuals just as Aryans people group in Central Asia. Their human progress created here somewhere in the range of 23rd and eighteenth hundreds of years BC. Numerous incredible armed forces utilized the passageway through the locale on their approach to attacking the Indian subcontinent. At the point when Pakistan picked up freedom, Karachi was its first capital however in 1960 Islamabad was built as the new capital. It is viewed as a standout amongst the most effectively arranged city in South Asia. 

Geology of Islamabad

Islamabad is situated at the edge of Pothohar level at the base of Margalla slopes. The territory of Islamabad is 906 〖km〗^2. Islamabad comprises of three counterfeit repositories; Rawal, Simli and khanpur dam. Khanpur dam is situated around 40 kilometers from Islamabad. Tillacharouni with 5263 feet is the most noteworthy point in Islamabad domain. As Islamabad and Rawalpindi lie together so they are viewed as Twin urban areas. In the east of Islamabad lies Murree and kotlisattian. In the north lies Haripur region. Kahuta lies on upper east. What’s more, Rawalpindi toward the southwest. Margalla Hills National parks comprise 220 sections of land of the city. LoiBher Forest is situated along the Islamabad thruway covering a zone of 1,087 sections of land.

Islamabad Weather

The climate of Islamabad is isolated into two classifications. Winter season from October to March and summer from April to September. The climate of Islamabad will in general change more than a few factors, for example, haze, dust storm, western unsettling influence, and rainstorm. Islamabad summers are a lot rainier than winters. Islamabad temperature differs from cold to mellow, routinely dipping under zero. In the slopes, there is meager snowfall. As Islamabad is well known for different things spring season is one of them to visit Islamabad.

The culture of Islamabad

Islamabad has a present-day culture by synchronizing itself with different capitals around the world. Islamabad lies in the region of its own called Islamabad capital region.

Islamabad airplane terminal

Islamabad global airplane terminal is the second biggest air terminal of Pakistan. It is additionally Pakistan second Greenfield airplane terminal. Pakistan International Airline flies from funding to different urban communities of Pakistan just as to different nations.

Top spots to visit in Islamabad

There are various spots to visit in Islamabad. Probably the best places are recorded beneath:

  • The Pakistan Monument

It is the national milestone. The four petals represent Pakistan four districts. Likewise, there is a wax chronicled focus where you can find out pretty much all the historical backdrop of Pakistan from autonomy to ongoing occasions, about its military just as its topography.

  • Margalla Hills

The Margalla Mountain is the ideal spot for the pioneers and nearby individuals. You can climb or drive up to the Daman-e-Koh, which is acclaimed for its astonishing perspective and lavish green parks.

  • Monal Restaurant

You can drive or ascend to the Restaurant. It is one of the best eateries in the capital. It has desi just as mainland nourishment and it tastes the best. Beside the sustenance, the view from Monal is truly astounding and amazing. As the eatery is on the highest point of Margalla slopes it offers the most entrancing perspective to catch. Zee flight offers you different convenience choices by our endeavor inns from where you can really observe the rich greenery of the mountain.

  • Rawal Lake

Rawal Lake is the perfect spot to visit to have a lovely time with your family or a venerated one. The view is superb and there are numerous restaurants. You can likewise ride speedboats to research the lake and contiguous islands. It is a decent spot for an outing to appreciate the lake with family or companions. 

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