In 19 months, Turkish Cargo Company carried 169 luxury Vehicles

Turkish cargo

Turkish Cargo is a subsidiary of national flag carrier of Turkey, Turkish Airline. In 19 months, Turkish Cargo carried around 169 luxury vehicles to the destinations.

In the year 2018, 99 luxury vehicles were transported around the world by the Cargo Company of Turkish airline. In 2019, during the first seven months, 21% increase was seen as around 70 vehicles were carried to their destinations.

Turkish Cargo holds various safety measures to make sure the secure transit of luxury vehicles so that vehicle damage, fuel or oil leakage, fuel tank covers and short circuit can be avoided.

Turkish Cargo flew nearly 88 direct flights to multiple destinations and extended its flights to almost 309 destinations in 124 countries around the world. The Cargo Company is also raising the standard of the services. On the report of WACD (World Air Cargo Data), it is ranked high between the top ten air cargo carriers internationally. Until 2013, at the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, Turkish Cargo is aiming to make its place among the top 5 brands of air cargo carriers.

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