Imran Ashraf tells why he used the ‘Hayee Mazayy’ dialogue


The ‘Bhola’ of drama serial ‘Ranjha Ranjha kardi’ Imran Ashraf has captured our hearts with his innocent and versatile acting.

Imran Ashraf made us cry and made us laugh, he surely knew how and when to touch which chord of the audience with his cute onscreen antics while depicting the character of Bhola.

In an Instagram post, Imran revealed where he enjoyed the most using the dialogue ‘Hayee Hayee mazayy.’ He disclosed the point where he used his famous dialogue in the serial and why it was his favorite scene in the drama.

Mumtaz Begum was a challenge for Imran Ashraf, prior to which he did not use the line and whenever afterwards he used the dialogue it didn’t give him that much satisfaction as it did in front of him.

‘In the whole play ‘Mumtaz Begum’ was the first character that had a get up in front of me. Before using this dialogue I pondered a lot whether I’ll be able to do justice to the dialogue or not,’ he added.

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