How national security linked to food security in Pakistan

A concept that explains that a government must protect the state and all its individuals from National Level Crisis, whether it impacts the nation as a whole or individuals of a country, through power projects that include military power, economic tools, international diplomacy political power etc. Thus, for the purpose of this project, National Security comprises of three components.

  • Economic Security
  • Border Security
  • Natural resources

National Security is not limited to boarders but it also includes economic and national resource.  Unfortunately, when we talk about national security we just only limited to boarders protection and neglect the situation of economic dependence and economic security. In economic security, the concept of food security emerged. A circumstance when all individuals, consistently, have physical, social and monetary access to adequate, protected and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs and food inclinations for a functioning and solid life. If we look at what the future holds for Pakistan in 2020, Pakistan will be the world’s fifth- or the sixth-largest country. Pakistan is an Agri- nation and independent regarding delivering significant harvests for its populace.

Pakistan Imports from India was US$1.7 Billion amid 2017, as indicated by the United Nations COMTRADE database on universal exchange. So in terms of population thus, difficult to feed and a security situation difficult to handle. So Pakistan economically dependent on India, so this think puts Pakistan economic security in danger.

Pakistan percentage of imports from India is 4.07%. But percentage of exports to India is just 1.67%.  So it leads to very high net negative value of trade balance between India and Pakistan.

So cash flow leads to negative cash outflow from Pakistan towards India, Bilateral trade between India and Pakistan surely not in the favor of Pakistan.

Pakistan Agricultural imports from India continuously rising in 1990-99 it is 93.7% in 2000-09 its value is 88.6   2010-2015 it’s almost 162.7%.  Major agricultural crops that Pakistan imports from India are Tomato, Tea, Planting seeds, Nuts and oilseeds, coconut oils and birds egg and grain sorghum.  Long story short if India decided not give its product in Pakistan it will create the situation of short run food insecurity in Pakistan till than Pakistan think about the substitute.

Following the Pulwama assault which left almost 40 Indian troopers dead, India has been treacherously blaming Pakistan for instigating fear mongering on its dirt, an unmerited allegation which Pakistan has more than once denied. Keeping its custom of undermining Pakistan, the Indian government, legislators, and media identities are calling for activity against Pakistan, however, the main move they could make so far now was declining to trade tomatoes to Pakistan.

This act of India cause shortage of tomatoes in country which leads to high pricing of tomatoes and people who have lower level of income feel difficulty in purchasing of tomatoes. For some poor people, it is completely un-assessable to purchase tomatoes. So food security and economic security are in danger. People think it is just a little threat but what it’s happened if India refuse to deliver all above agricultural and manufacturing goods. So Pakistan have to think about that before it’s too late.

Article By Aisha Tahir (freelance writer)

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