Gilgit – A land of Fairy Meadows

Gilgit is the capital city of region Gilgit-Baltistan. It is an administrative state of Pakistan. It is situated in the wide valley near Hunza and Gilgit rivers. Gilgit is one of the major tourist destinations of Pakistan. It serves as an important junction along Karakoram highway with roads connecting to Skard, China, Chitral, Peshawar and Islamabad.

History of Gilgit

The ancient name of Gilgit was Sargin. Gilgit was an important city on the Silk Road; Buddhism was spread from South Asia to the rest of Asia along with Silk Road. According to Chinese records, in 600s to 700s the city was ruled by Buddhist Dynasty. In late 700s the control of region was left to Tibetan Empire and their control lasted until late 800s. In 1800s the region was prospering but was destroyed in the next fifty years due to warfare and by the flood in 1841. In 1877, British Raj was all over India and in order to guard them from Russia, British Government established Gilgit Agency in state of jammu and Kashmir. In 1935, British Government demanded from Jammu and Kashmir State to lease Gilgit and surrounding area to them for 60 years. In 1947, Gilgit military leaders did not favour the state to india and became under Pakistan territory.


Gilgit is home to some of the most famous mountain ranges. Its main ranges are Karakoram, to the western side Himaliyas, in north Pamir Mountains and in west lies Hindu kash. Amongst the highest mountains lies Nanga parbat and K2 one of the most feared mountains because of its high altitudes. Some of the highest Peaks in Gilgit are:

  • Baltoro Muztagh
  • K2
  • Gasherbrum
  • Masherbrum
  • Distaghil Sar
  • Rakaposhi

Gilgit Weather

The weather in Gilgit is a cold desert weather it hardly rains here throughout the year. The summer here is brief and Hot, strong sunshine raises its temperature up to 40 C. The temperature of city is mostly cooler and in winters temperature mostly goes below 0 C.

Culture of Gilgit

The culture of Gilgit is very rich and full of traditions. The traditional cap of Gilgit plays an important role in identifying a person from Gilgit. The cap is soft round and made of wool. It is made by local craftsperson and is available in variety of colors. Many kinds of festivals held in Gilgit throughout the year. Majority of people in Gilgit prefers to live in joint family. They are very peaceful and respectable people. Some of the languages spoken here are:

  • Urdu
  • Shina
  • Khowar
  • Brushaski
  • Wakhi

Gilgit Airport

Gilgit airport is a small domestic airport in the region. Only Pakistan International Airline is the only airline that operate here.

Top places to visit in Gilgit

Some of the best tourist spots to visit in Gilgit are lisited below:

Naltar Valley

It is a beautiful forest valley covered in mountains. It has the most lovely alpine trees and green vegetation. It is 40 kilometers away from Gilgit you can travel here on Jeep. The valley is very famous in winters for skiing activities. The atmosphere here is very pure and clean it is dustfree.

Fairy Meadows

Fairy Meadows is one of the most peaceful places in the world. This stunning place is present in the heart of colorful Gilgit, situated at the base of Nanga parbat. The local here are very hospitable people. This place is also knows as heaven on earth. The view here is completely flawless; it is a great place to visit with your family and loved ones. When visiting Gilgit you must not miss this place. Malik Express offers you various accommodation options by venture hotels to stay in Gilgit comfortably and relax here.

Satpara Lake

The lake is completely natural beauty it take away your breath when visiting here. The fascinating blue shore makes your mood so lovely. It is covered by the mountains ranges it supplies fresh water to Skardu valley.

Shangrila Resort

The resort is at a distance of 30 kilometers from Skardu. It is a very pleasant place to visit with your family or adored ones. The scenery here is completely beautiful; it makes the heart at peace. This place is a heaven on earth for tourists.

Deosai National Park

It is a high altitude parks, it is located at the elevation of 4,114 meters above sea level. This park is only accessible in summers. It is in between three Districts of Gilgit. It is lush green and has variety of flowers. It is a park you don’t want to miss when you visit Gilgit.

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