After winning the elections we saw that Prime Minister Imran Khan has started to work for the betterment of the society. With keeping up with the promises he made during the electoral campaigning he has started to work for another one of them. Recently we have seen that he has launched a program named “Ehsaas” which plans on aiding the underprivileged society of our country. We can also call it a poverty alleviation drive. Continue reading and find out all the basic information that you need to know about “Ehsaas”.

This is one of the boldest programs which aim for the complete poverty destruction. It aims to collaborate with all the stakeholders of the country which include the public, private, the civil society and so on and work for a collective target which is to eliminate poverty. The poverty alleviation coordination council which was chaired by Dr. Sania Nishtar launched the program after extensive consultation from different individuals with an aim to help change the lives of around 3.3 million people all together within the time span of four years.

According to the resources we have seen that PM Imran Khan has said to allocate a massive budget of around Rs.80 billion which can be stretched to around Rs.120 billion for his anti-poverty drive and campaign. He also mentioned that the program has been launched on the importance of strengthening the intuitions and a result of good governance. 

He has put a major emphasis on the fact that most of the resources within the country have been allocated for the upper or the elite classes. He wishes to break all of these shackles by spending the public money on the general public. He has promised to take all the important steps that are important to turn the country into the welfare state by providing opportunities for all the underprivileged people. We see that he has made some serious vows on taking care of all the jobless, poor farmers, laborers, widows, sick, elderly and the lower class students. Ehsaas does not only aim to provide these people with resources needed to live but also aims to provide them with an opportunity to uplift their social status. 

According to PM Imran Khan, this program has four major targets that they need to achieve during their program Ehsaas, the four fundamental pillars are

  1. Trying to work to create equality in the country.
  2. Provide safety nets for all the disadvantaged segments of the population.
  3. To provide the general public with jobs and livelihoods.
  4. To invest in human capital development.

Starting off with the first aim that is to create equality, as we see that most of the resources within our country is only available to the elite classes and they are provided with all the basic necessary facilities for example; tax relief, water distribution, law and order, crop choices and land priorities and so on.

To cater to all these issues he has planned to make some constitutional amendments which would result in providing the basic necessities such as food, clothing, housing, education and medical relief for all of the citizens who cannot earn a satisfactory livelihood due to unemployment, sickness or any infirmity. It would be considered a state’s responsibility. This will be done by organizing the data of the poor class and the government aims to collaborate with proper organizations to help the underprivileged classes.

Coming to the second aim which is to establish and collect data of all the poor classes which would be used to provide all those people with satisfactory amounts which they need in order to fulfill the basic needs. After the data collection is completed the government will roll two social protection programs which are khilafat program and tahafuzz. Both of these will make sure of protecting the minorities especially the khilafat bank deals with women empowerment and the tahafuzz program deals with providing a livelihood for all the poor people who have lost their savings in any kind of disaster or tragedy.

Unemployment is another main factor that has to be dealt with and in reference to this issue, this program is trying its best to reduce this factor as much as possible. Business age is one of the essential targets of the financial change plan of Imran Khan’s administration. Ehsas’ system includes arrangement creation of Solutions Innovation Challenge, Prize Funding, and Venture Capitalism. These projects, through an open private association, will give little intrigue free credits to imaginative business openings.

The last point that these programs focusing on is to provide investments and work on the human capital of the country. Human capital improvement assumes a huge job in the abundance of a country and requires organizing interests in the early years by controlling ailing health, giving preschool or early training and shielding youngsters from mischief.

This will help against hindering in kids by giving de-worming drugs, iron, folic corrosive, micronutrient supplements through government medical clinics. Other than setting up a Multi-sectoral Nutrition Coordinating Body and the first-since forever college facilitated National Center for Human Nutrition, it likewise incorporates the 5+1 model of desi chicken and goat resource exchange, kitchen planting, seed conveyance for neediness lightening and nourishment.

The program additionally guarantees specific dietary sustenance for hindered kids in a savvy way and to address the issue of phony and debased milk.

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