MIT’s new AI-based system can visualise objects using touch

A team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have come up with a predictive Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can learn to see by touching and to feel by seeing.... Read more »

NASA’s Deep Space Atomic Clock to launch into Earth’s orbit in late June

( Xinhua ) – The Deep Space Atomic Clock, a new technology from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), will be launched on a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket into Earth’s orbit for one... Read more »

Oil group Total hopes new supercomputer will help it find oil faster and more cheaply

(Reuters) – Energy major Total said its new supercomputer – which has propelled it to a world ranking as the most powerful computer in the sector – will enable its geologists to... Read more »

Breakthrough in understanding how human eyes process 3-D motion

Scientists at the University of York have revealed that there are two separate ‘pathways’ for seeing 3-D motion in the human brain, which allow people to perform a wide range of tasks... Read more »

Artificial nose identifies malignant tissue in brain tumors during surgery

An artificial nose developed at Tampere University, Finland, helps neurosurgeons to identify cancerous tissue during surgery and enables the more precise excision of tumours. Electrosurgical resection using devices such as an electric... Read more »

Remote sensing mast attached to NASA’s Mars 2020 rover

( Xinhua ) – Engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) have attached a remote sensing mast to the Mars 2020 rover earlier this month, according to a JPL release. Full integration of... Read more »

China launches sci-tech innovation board

(Xinhua) – China inaugurated its science and technology innovation board on Thursday, kicking off the country’s much-anticipated capital market reform this year. The new market will support tech companies that are in... Read more »

NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope to retire in 2020

( Xinhua) – NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope will be switched off permanently on Jan. 30, 2020, after nearly 16 years of exploring the cosmos in infrared light, according to a news release... Read more »

Uber picks Melbourne as test site for flying taxi service

(Reuters) – Uber Technologies said it will use Australia’s second-largest city, Melbourne, as the first international test site for the group’s planned flying taxi service. The U.S. ride sharing firm had previously... Read more »

Cloud computing may put Big Tech ahead in future of video games: Citi

(Reuters) – Cloud-based gaming could allow Big Tech – particularly Inc, Microsoft Corp and Alphabet Inc’s Google – to pull revenue away from traditional video game publishers in the coming years,... Read more »

NASA to use non-toxic spacecraft fuel for first time

(Xinhua) – The U.S. space agency NASA announced Monday that it would test for the first time a kind of “green” fuel on a test satellite this month. The high-performance propellant, developed... Read more »

Chinese scientists design heat insulator inspired by polar bear hair

(Xinhua) – Chinese scientists got inspiration from the hair of polar bears and developed a light-weight, stretchy heat insulation material, which can be applied in the architecture and aerospace sectors in the... Read more »