Google and the EU battled in court

Google and the EU combat in court Wednesday as the web search tool mammoth attempted to convince decides that it was unjustifiably blamed for abusing adversaries of its Shopping administration. The Silicon... Read more »
Samsung admits fingerprint reader defect, promises software fix

Samsung admits fingerprint reader defect, promises software fix

Samsung Electronics has believed that a safety defect in its Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Observe 10 gadgets the place the fingerprint reader may also be bypassed through the usage of silicon display... Read more »

China unveils cloud-tech platform to serve commercial space industry

( Xinhua ) – The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) has unveiled a cloud technology-based data platform tailored to the commercial space industry. The Space Cloud Cubic platform launched in Shenzhen, south... Read more »

Jony Ive, Apple designer behind iPhone and iMac, to exit company after 30 years

Jony Ive, the chief architect of groundbreaking and distinctive designs from the iMac to the iPhone, announced on Thursday that he is leaving Apple after nearly 30 years. Ive’s departure, which was... Read more »

US cyber attack on Iran: search to exploit flaw

(AFP) – A cyber attack on Iranian missile systems, claimed by the US last week, would have had to exploit a flaw in the heavily-guarded network, experts say. Citing US official sources,... Read more »

Breathtaking Photo Reveals What a Volcano Eruption Looks Like From Space

Watching a volcano erupt would be cool. But having a front-row seat 254 miles (408 kilometers) above the volcano? That would be a view. Astronauts aboard the International Space Station captured the... Read more »

Physicists discover entirely new quantum states as graphene meets

The graphene of “wonderful marvelous material,” which has a super thin character, has been shaking science for years with its incredible properties, but things become very interesting when you accumulate this 2D... Read more »

Amazon may use delivery drones for surveillance service as US grants patent Inc is exploring using drones not just to deliver packages but also to provide surveillance as a service to its customers, according to a patent granted by the United States Patent... Read more »

Huawei files lawsuit against US Commerce Department over seized equipment: filing

Huawei Technologies Co Inc filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Commerce Department on Friday challenging whether telecommunications equipment it sent from China to the United States, and then back to China, is... Read more »

Astronomers capture first polarized radio signals from gamma-ray burst

(Xinhua) – An international team of astronomers has captured the first-ever polarized radio waves from a distant cosmic explosion, known as gamma-ray burst GRB 190114C. Astronomers have hypothesized that cosmic magnetic fields... Read more »

Apple recalls Macbook Pros over battery fire risk

Apple has recalled a number of its older generation MacBook Pro because their batteries may overheat and “pose a fire safety risk.” The recall affects 15-inch MacBook Pros with Retina displays sold... Read more »
bones with 3D printing

Chinese researchers design bionic bones with 3D printing

( Xinhua ) – Chinese researchers are designing bionic bones with improved biological compatibility and mechanical strength, which will bring new possibilities for future orthopedic implants. Researchers from the Northwestern Polytechnical University have... Read more »