Best Places for Dinner in Karachi

Karachi is known for its night life, we would probably see some moving traffic on the road which indicates that yes we karachites love to explore the city during the night. While exploring we often like to munch around and the best part is there is plenty ample of options to choose from when it comes to Karachi. The first thing to do is to identify what sort of food would you like to have for me, it’s always desi. Anywhere, anytime I can just live on eating the desi cuisine. Well if you love to travel at night and have to find yourself a place to have dinner or even midnight snacks then read ahead and find out some of the amazing places where you can dine out.

First let’s start with some of the famous desi places you can go and have dinner:

  • ZAOQ

If you are tired while on a shopping spree at dolman mall and you want to settle in for some great dinner option that you should definitely try out zaoq. They have great varieties of desi and continental food items. Even though they have recently opened up they are getting quite appreciated on their service and the quality of the food. There is another branch which is located at Clifton.


Restaurant has achieved great success and made a lot of improvements within a short span of time. This place is known for its desi dishes, from kababs to karhai to garlic nan’s, you would probably find almost everything here with a great ambiance where you can easily come with your family and enjoy. Kababjees has also opened a special segment catering to the Chinese cuisine. People can also take advantage of their Chinese menu and enjoy the authentic Chinese flavors.


Well this place is known for its interior, the marvelous truck art lights up the ambiance of the café and is absolutely admired by all its customers. Well you would definitely kill two birds with one stone, great food and a great place to take some pictures too. The food here tastes amazing too and it greatly appreciated by all Karachi foodies. We have heard some really good reviews about it so don’t forget to check this place out.


Well kolachi does have few branches but the best one out of all the branches is situated at dou darya. The view of this location is just amazing. The place has worked upon the interior and has had a really positive review about it from its customers. Kolachi serves great food which is fresh and great in taste. On the other hand it also makes sure that their customers are having a great time during their time at kolachi they would repeatedly ask them about the service and if they are completely satisfied from their time at kolachi.


If you are looking for something which has a homely vibe to it then you should definitely try out this place. This restaurant makes sure to serve food which has a similar taste to home cooked food. They have some yummy options to choose from and if your there then don’t forget to try out their biryani option.


If you love desi snacks then head out to this place. They serve one of the best desi snacks in the city. From pani-puri, dosa to bun kababs they have it all covered. You will surely fall in love at the very first bite you take and be regular customers once you indulge in the spicy yet favorable food. If you visit this place then don’t forget to have the GAPA GOTALA which is a must to try out during your visit here.

Moving forward Karachi also has some amazing places where you would find continental food items:


This restaurant provides great food and at amazing reasonable prices. You can plan a dinner with your family and head out here and you will find various dishes that you would love. They have pastas and pizzas while on the other hand they even have great salad options if you plan of staying healthy eating.


Well this is place has amazing options for a three course meal and you will surely fall in love with the delicious desert options that you would find out at this place. This place also happens to serve amazing breakfast. The dinner options are quite generous and you can surely plan out a great family time here.


With having two branches this place is crowded at all the times of the day, they have great menu options to satisfy your taste buds and the great part is that they keep on having great promotions and discount deals which make it even more interesting and economical for people to enjoy!

So these are some great places where you can come and enjoy with your friends and family and can also have a great dinner!

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