Bahria Town Karachi is a privately established residential town that is being constructed in Karachi, Sindh Pakistan by the Bahria town group.

 Situated in Karachi under 45,493 Acres of land, simply off the Super Highway, the network will incorporate the Grand Jamia Mosque, which will be the world’s third biggest and the nation’s biggest cricket arena planned by GMW Architect people group will be vitality free by setting up one coal-terminated and one LNG-fueled power age plant in organization with K-Electric.

When it is finished, the network will be home to an expected 1,000,000 individuals. It is additionally home to an 18-opening United States Golf Association standard fairway. The all-out expense of the undertaking is a little over $1billion. The town will be associated with I. I. Chundrigar Road through an under-development Metrobus. As of March 9, 2016, 104,000 private units have been sold to clients.


  1. Grid Station:

Flame light suppers are most pleasant when they are not constrained. In the present current universe of electrical home apparatuses, we understand that poor upkeep of the power supply may mean lost a couple of costly machines close by included burden. Subsequently so as to keep your enthusiastically light designed houses glinting we have charged a devoted framework station to guarantee high unwavering quality power supply.

  • Phone Exchange

Trading welcome with relatives in different urban areas or abroad, going to a Tele-discussion, connecting with companions, family or venturing to the far corners of the planet in short order; whatever your requirements might be, Bahria Town’s own devoted cutting edge phone trades in Bahria Town Lahore and Rawalpindi gives commotion free administration and empowers rapid broadband web for your delicate cruising joy.

  • Street Network

Streets resemble conduits in the human body if any gets shut or drops out of the circuit, the whole framework endures. The street organizes in Bahria Town is structured keeping the criticality of the smooth stream. Streets have been made to associate the different ventures in Bahria Town; this makes a feeling of a network as nobody else does. Individuals can profit from the conveniences and offices in different ventures easily.

  • Pathways

Have ever thought of having a short walk around the region market and afterward thinking about all the traffic and mud inevitably rolled over in your vehicle. Why? Since it was awkward and along these lines demoralizing to stroll without a pathway.

  • Interstates

Long separation travel accomplishes its viability through wide spreading over and along achieving class of streets called “Turnpikes”. These are many in Pakistan and nowhere in any lodging society, with the exception of one, yes Bahria Town once more!

  • Fuel Station

For the comfort of our esteemed occupants, Bahria Town has accommodated PSO Fuel/Gas station both in Lahore and Rawalpindi ventures. Since Bahria Town points are to give best foundation and pleasantries to its inhabitants that are the reason Bahria Town picked the administration of PSO which is Pakistan’s main provider of Fuel Energy supplier.

  • Landmarks

Landmarks are demonstrations of one’s aims and duties. At Bahria Town, our landmarks are chosen to exhibit our promise to our benefactors; the clients and inhabitants. Our responsibility to our benefactors is as lovely, mind-boggling and genuine as the novel and selective landmarks spread all over Bahria Town.

  • Utilities

Bahria Town is focused on giving the most ideal dimension of administration to every one of its individuals. Bahria town was the primary private lodging society to lay all utilities underground, power, phone, gas and water lines are altogether laid underground.


Law requirement organizations (LEAs) in 2018 stopped the development on an estimated  1,100-1,300 sections of land in Karachi’s Bahria Town, inconsistency with the decision of Supreme Court (SC) go in August 2016.

As per sources, a substantial unexpected of security organizations went into Bahria Town on Tuesday and requested that its organization stop the development take a shot at very nearly 1,100-1,300 sections of land of debated land. Controvarsaries

The sources claimed that Bahria Town incorporated some unlawful land involved from its abutting regions, which were excluded in its arrangement before. In this manner, the SC, on a request of a neighborhood occupant, coordinated every one of the experts of Sindh, including Malir Development Authority (MDA), to control Bahria Town organization from any further developments.

The courts in it’s between time request stated, “The Bahria Town is controlled from undertaking any advancement movement in the zone separated with green shading and dark lines on it, estimating 244.925 sections of land, or potentially to manage this bit of land with any individual or association in any way at all.”

The appeal was recorded by a nearby occupant in Sindh High Court (SHC), and SHC’s decision was later tested in the Supreme Court.

The decision of the SC on August 2, 2016, controlled Bahria Town from undertaking any improvement action on “5,786 sections of the land” of land in Karachi with prompt impact. Be that as it may, the sources guaranteed that the development proceeded on the debated land in and agents of LEAs just solicited the organization from Bahria Town to stop the work.

The SC seat, containing Justice Amir Hani Muslim and Justice Mushir Alam, in its interval request, decided that the land was illicitly apportioned to Bahria Town by the authorities of MDA.

The court had effectively coordinated National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to finish its examination and get maps/pictures of the whole land expressed to be in control of the Bahria Town and submit it under the watchful eye of the court for record inside two months. The court additionally controlled the Sindh government from apportioning any further land to Bahria Town.

The court additionally confined the Sindh government’s Board of Revenue from managing MDA land with quick impact.

As indicated by sources, costs of Bahria Town plots have diminished much after SC’s stay-request.

Sources said that development work of the initial three stages has been quit amid the day however it continues in the night.

He further asserted, “Bahria Town organization has rolled out some fundamental improvements in its unique guide, and is moving plots of the speculators from questioned land to different spots.”

As indicated by the report put together by Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) in the Supreme Court, SBCA did not pass any formal plan of the Bahria Town nor did it favor any No Objection Certificate (NOC) for promotion crusade after the SC’s choice. The SBCA did not support any value rundown of the plots or condos in Bahria Town either.

Taking notification of illicit designations of government land and courtesy plots, the SC had effectively guided the Sindh government to evacuate the unlawful developments on 35,000 pleasantry plots or face ‘disdain of court’.

Seize had additionally captured 14 authorities of Karachi Development Authority on SC’s structure in this association.

Pakistan Today endeavored to contact authorities of Bahria Town and left instant messages, however, there was no reaction till the recording of this report.

Bahria Town Chairman Malik Riaz, in a video posted on Facebook, denied that Rangers completed any activity against Bahria Town and considered it bogus purposeful publicity. He accused the counter Pakistan components, who would prefer not to see advancement in Pakistan, for making false promulgation.

He said that medieval nobility is the foe of the nation as should be the obvious center and lower white collar class flourish. “Bahria Town works for the advancement of center and lowers white-collar class of the nation,” he included.

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