This Is What Islam Says About A Woman Bringing ‘Rizk’ For Her Husband After Marriage!

“A woman brings her own rizq (food or sustenance) in the marriage through her date” and the life of her husband will be changed to betterment, it is a common sentence in... Read more »
female umrah pilgrims

Saudi Arabia Might Allow Women to Perform Hajj without a Male Guardian

Hajj is the most important religious journey for the Muslims of the whole world. Every Muslim has a dream and spare no effort to perform it for once in their life time.... Read more »
PIA is the only airline bringing the Deceased to Home at Zero Cost

PIA is the only airline bringing the Deceased to Home at Zero Cost

It is more than a nightmare and traumatic to bring the deceased loved one to the home country. When you relative died in a foreign country and you have to bring the... Read more »
PIA and IHIG collaborate to promote tourism in Pakistan

PIA and IHIG collaborate to promote tourism in Pakistan

In accordance to the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan for promoting tourism in Pakistan, PIA (Pakistan International Airline) and IHIG (International Hospitality Investment Group) have recently signed an agreement. The ceremony... Read more »
Turkish cargo

In 19 months, Turkish Cargo Company carried 169 luxury Vehicles

Turkish Cargo is a subsidiary of national flag carrier of Turkey, Turkish Airline. In 19 months, Turkish Cargo carried around 169 luxury vehicles to the destinations. In the year 2018, 99 luxury... Read more »

Onion and garlic could protect against cancer?

Despite of their amazing ability to add intense flavor to any meal possible, do onion and garlic have some other magical abilities as well? Well, the answer to this simple yet important... Read more »

Can Mouth wash raise your Blood Pressure?

‘Brush and floss your teeth, and swish your mouth wash, twice daily’ is something you will hear from every dentist out there. There is no harm, at all in taking care of... Read more »

Does Social Media really cause Depression?

Depression, the 3rd most common incurable disease of the 21st century and yet the subject remains a taboo in our society. In this fast-pacing world, we fail to grasp the importance of... Read more »

Health Care Conditions in Pakistan

Health Care system is the building block of any nation and healthy people endorse more productivity and play better role in development of any country. Unfortunately, Health care system is kind of... Read more »


Before you start contemplating on how much fiber you should take to prevent diseases, let us just briefly comprehend what Fiber is. Fiber is a member of the Carbohydrate family, which stands... Read more »

Common Blood Pressure drugs may Increase Cardiac Arrest Risk

Hypertension has always been there, killing people silently for ages. You must have come across people having hypertension in your family and friends. Its some thing you can find almost everywhere. And... Read more »

‘The chemical Imbalance’ and Depression.

You might have come across ideas like ‘Depression is caused by some chemical imbalance in the brain’ but this expression does not, in any way justify the complexity of the disease. In... Read more »