23rd March (Pakistan Resolution Day)

23rd March (Pakistan Resolution Day)

Having the republic day of Pakistan right beside the corner it won’t be just full to not talk about this glorious day that resulted in the creation of an independent state known as Pakistan. On 23rd march 1940 our national poet saw a dream, a vision about a separate nation which would have freedom for all Muslims to practice their traditions and cultures. This day is quite enthusiastically celebrated by all of the Pakistani’s; you would probably see people dressing themselves in green and white wearing traditional shalwar kameez. The houses would be decorated by the Pakistani flags and green and white lights and we would probably hear Pakistani songs and all the kids enjoying and playing around the streets, well they are happy as they get a spare holiday to enjoy their day.

The vision behind the separate nation was to bring the people more united and bring them together to work for the betterment of the unified nation. But sadly we might have forgotten the main vision behind the creation of this land. Over the years we have brought rivalries between communities and targeted groups which are inferior. We have targeted the minorities even though our previous leaders have identified and stated that these minorities have equal rights and freedom to live their lives according to their free will. We might have forgotten that for a nation to be healthy and to survive with achieving its goals reaching the blooming heights of prosperity it is important to stay with unity. The essence of commitment and attachment to the country is to stand on the land we were born in instead of fleeing out and finding a home at another place. What confuses me is that we as a nation fail to follow the rules and regulations of our own country but willingly oblige them when we enter in another state.

“Don’t throw it in the car, throw it outside” are the words that we usually hear by the head of the family so that the car is kept clean but we find it acceptable to create pollution and mess on the land where our future generations might live and suffer the aftermath of our doings. I guess the reason behind this might be the leniency that the country has in for us. Instead of embracing the calm country we usually end up taking advantage of the situation and creating trouble whenever it is possible for us. We can’t just blame one individual on this; everyone has been through this act somewhere and sometime.

We are in continuous rush in our lives making sure to get our work done even if it takes a step towards corruption creating a platform and giving other’s an opportunity to take maximum resources that the country has or simply point a finger on the doings of the country. For us spending an extra five minutes in the queue is always so difficult that we end up finding shortcuts for every possible way. We strive to get things done hassle free in the most easily possible ways. “We have lost patience” this is a very common statement that we hear from our elderly in the house. From people who saw what it was like to create and work hard for getting an independent state, and trust me it was not easy at all. People lost their lives, their home and their families but still what they did not lose was the spirit that they kept high throughout their journey to achieve a separate nation.

“Was this what our leaders wanted? Was this Pakistan was created for?” well the best answers usually come in from direct sources and what better way would it be to get to know from people who were the pioneers of the idea. This repeatedly must have reminded us to work for the betterment, to work so that we can make this nation stand in one of the most respected and well known nations.

We demand or at least pray for a change to occur but changes don’t take place overnight, they require commitment and hard work. For a revolution to occur it is important to understand the revolution must occur within the individuals and then we as changed people would be able to bring a revolution. A revolution that others would admire and take notes from. The first thing as citizens we could do is to stand united against the evil sources, work together to bring create an impact and make this country a better place for the future generations. So that at the end of the day we can proudly stand with broad shoulders and speak for ourselves that yes we did what we had to, to bring and achieve the vision that our previous leaders had for us as our beloved national poet clearly states;

*…تجھے اقبال سے الفت ہے تو تلوار اٹھا…*

*…قبر پر پھول چڑھانا تو کوئی بات نہیں…*

This clearly states in a very positive way that if you have sincerity and love for the poet then do something to bring a change or work hard for making the country a better place, instead of putting flowers on the poets grave.

Article by: Syed Aliya

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